Study Data About The City As You Look At Apartments In Union SC

Study Data About The City As You Look At Apartments In Union SC

Union SC is a notable city, but it’s a small city, which means you might think that the apartment choices are going to be limited. However, there are quite a few listings for apartments for rent in Union SC. Usually, I recommend looking at the different neighborhoods in a city to help you pick a place to live, but the entire city is pretty much one giant neighborhood, with a population of under 10,000 people. Let’s look at some of the information about the city that will help you choose from apartments in Union SC that are available to rent.

Union is said to feature primarily a suburban setting, and approximately 49 percent of the people that live there are renters. You are really going to like hearing what the median rent figure is for the city. You can expect to pay on average about 589 dollars. Considering that is almost $400 under the national average, you can feel like you are getting a nice big discount on a great place. The median home value in the city of Union SC is only about $77,000.

When you look at the cost of living in South Carolina, it is lower compared to the rest of the country. And in South Carolina, Union ranks #65 out of 190 place in terms of cost of living. That is almost right in the middle but on the cheaper side of things. In terms of the most diverse places to live in the state, Union is again almost right in the middle, ranking #88.

Are you retiring in South Carolina? If so, it is ranked #101 for places to retire in the state. This next fact about Union SC backs up the fact that you are about to enjoy a low cost of living. Union ranks in the top 25 percent of cities in the nation in terms of a lower cost of living.

Evaluated as a neighborhood by one source, the city of Union receives an overall grade of C. The cost of living grade is a B+, which surprised me because I was thinking that it would be an A. Union’s grade for diversity is an A-, and the city gets a B for commuting and also weather. Every other individual grade assigned to the city is a C, C- or a C+, hence the average grade overall of a C. Just because Union SC is graded a C, however, doesn’t mean that it’s not a great city to call home.

As you look at apartments in Union SC, consider the many benefits of living there. While the city isn’t broken up into big neighborhoods like larger cities, you can still look at individual communities within Union. Browse apartment complexes, or perhaps you would like to look at individual listings for apartments that are set off by themselves. It depends on how you want to settle down in the city of Union, but one thing for sure is that you should be able to find a good price on an apartment.


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