The History of Union, South Carolina

The History of Union, South Carolina

The county seat of Union County, South Carolina, is called Union. And in this article, we are going to briefly discuss the history of this lovely city that has led to the Union, South Carolina that we know of today.

Before white settlers came to the town and county that both bear the name of Union, the land was part of the large territory that Cherokee Indians reserved for hunting. In fact, there is a reason to believe that the Cherokee people lived in Union County before it was known as such, as early land grants are described as having had Indian cabins erected.

The first white settlers came to Union from the American state of Virginia in the year of 1749. And from the year 1762 up until the start of the Revolutionary War, the area saw the most growth in population in its history. Settlers built log cabins for themselves to live in and began cultivating such crops as tobacco, wheat, corn, and flax, as well as other grains. As far as slaves were concerned, there were very few slave owners at all in Union County during this time.

When the city was established, Union County and Union itself got their name from the old church that stood just a short distance off from the Monarch Mill (Union Church). In the beginning, the city was known as “Unionville”, which of course was shortened as time went on.

When the Union Mill and Buffalo Mill were established, by one Thomas Gary Duncan, hundreds of families from surrounding areas (including Tennessee and North Carolina) moved in and spent their lives working in these mills. This greatly impacted the economy of Union County and the city of Union itself. And today, the county’s industrial base continues to be highly diverse. Included are felt products, textile fiber, metal forgings, and even bath products.

In conclusion, Union, South Carolina, city and county, is full of history and culture that carries on to the feel of the area to this day. Those interested in visiting the area, as well as residents alike, are invited to visit the Union County Museum to get up close and person with the rich historical heritage that has been recorded and put on display. Another great location to stop by is the Carnegie Library, which has been praised as a fabulous little library. You’ll be sure to enjoy everything you glean there.

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